Subcontractor Applications for Payment.
Simplified, Automated, Standardised.

Save time and improve visibility by connecting to your subcontractors and linking
payments to progress and QA.

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Save time on valuations and certs

Surveyors spend 25-50% of their time managing payment apps / certs, sifting through emails, reconciling different versions of spreadsheets and then manually entering this into an ERP.

Digitising your subcontractors’ payment applications will free up your surveyors’ time to focus on other value-add activities like tendering or variations to reduce overspend. Konstructly will work with your ERP, unlocking even more efficiency.

Get all teams on the same page

So much time is wasted and mistakes are made because of lack of data uniformity, which results in lack of visibility. For instance, QA stages don’t match cost stages and progress is all too often subjective.

With Progress, Quality and Costs based on a unified matrix and common metrics, everyone knows where they really stand.

Reduce Overruns

Delays and reworks are the bane of all main contractors and house builders. Prelims rack up, the programme becomes even more complex, relationships get strained. 

Incentivise 'Right First Time' by getting interfacing trades to engage in a formal, recorded handover process. It ensures all parties’ interests (eg. payment release, programme adherence) are aligned and supported by a full audit trail.

Ensure correct valuing of works

Over-valuation happens most frequently in the earlier stages of a project, leaving insufficient value to complete package works.

By tying quality assurance and handover to works stages, your cash position should always match progress.

Live data and accurate risk

Variations can often go unnoticed, only to later appear later as nasty surprises. Even the data which can be seen via an ERP is always delayed and relies on manual, manager input.

By connecting to your supply chain and having them log directly into your system, you get to see the full picture immediately. Konstructly sits in front of your ERP and works with it.

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