Connecting Construction

Construction accounts for 13% global GDP and 7% of the world’s workforce and has had relatively little digital adoption to date. There are few opportunities where there is the scope to make as meaningful a business impact on the world. This slumbering giant has been crying out for help transitioning to the digital world for far too long, so we’re building a better construction together, from the bottom up. Simply put, we’re starting by focusing on the industry's most valuable asset, its workforce and supply chain.

With our unique approach of truly linking Production to Commercial, we’re connecting subcontractors to their operatives and main contractors to their subcontractors. We’re making submissions and checks, of work and payments, more streamlined, and less prone to human error.

We’re looking forward to becoming the go-to solution for connected construction companies.

We are Konstructly.


  • Stefan Vukcevic

    Immediately prior to Konstructly, I spent 2+ years scaling commercial teams and revenue channels at Revolut. My first business in Construction was an online labour agency, where I experienced firsthand the inefficiencies of how invoices and timesheets were submitted and checked, and how disconnected QA was from payments. This is what made me want to create a more efficient system that provided better control.
    Favourite construction role: Decorator - I’m a stickler for detail!
  • Dima Mikhailovich

    Most recently I was at Chase Bank, leveraging my 3+ year experience at Revolut, where I was a senior backend engineer and technical product owner. I want to apply my affinity with automation to reduce information silos and allow trades and subcontractors to make better, data-driven decisions.
    Favourite construction role: Architect - building (technical) architecture is what I’m doing at Konstructly, that was easy!
  • Dmitry Proshutinskii

    Mobile Engineer
    I’m a Flutter developer and went into mobile development beceause I want all things in the world to be comfortable, beautiful and reliable to use. Previously, I worked with Microsoft HoloLens and wrote applications for iOS and graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2020. I’m looking forward to building an industry changing product with the rest of the team.
    Favourite construction role: Engineer - a great problem solver.
  • Matvey Morgen

    Backend Engineer
    I was born in the Siberian city Irkutsk, near Lake Baikal. After school, I entered the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and moved to Moscow. During studies and four years after, I was engaged in scientific work related to air and space monitoring systems. Then I worked at Deutsche Bank, Revolut and Raiffeisen Bank and solved a variety of tasks from creating simple accounting systems to trading robots and risk management systems.
    Favourite construction role: Designer. Just because I love people who know how to implement the most incredible ideas into real life!
  • Akhmed Sheriev

    Mobile Engineer
    I started developing apps when I was 10. I’ve managed to work in almost all IT roles and have experience working on both projects of large companies (Microsoft, BMW, Starbucks, etc.) and startups. In graduate school, I made applications for scientific research, but I ended up liking making applications for people more.
    Outside of work I frequently speak in public forums on technical subjects that interest me and I Iove drawing on real-life instances from my professional experience as examples.
    Favourite construction role: Architect - I am obsessed with making high-quality, convenient and useful applications. I want our users to derive the same genuine mental pleasure from using our app as people do from being in a beautiful home.
  • Vlad Racoare

    Product Designer
    I am a Product Designer, passionate about tech since I was 14 and it didn’t take long to realise how much I cared for the human-computer interaction and how much I loved modelling it. It is basically like being the translator between the machine and the human using it. I have 7+ years in the field working for various types of businesses, from e-Commerce to Insurance and Medical Software, Cybersecurity and now construction. I am here to ensure the best possible outcomes for the people putting their trust in our products.
    Favourite construction roles: Architects and construction engineers, they usually have a very complicated relationship, but it is only together that they manage to accomplish great things.
  • Denny Bravo

    Frontend Engineer
    A long time ago in our Galaxy... I learned what programming is - and I really enjoyed doing it! Then there was a very difficult choice - to work with numbers on the server or create beautiful and usable user interfaces. With the progress in the WEB technologies, I was able to combine these two functions in my specialization - the creation and architecture of complex web applications. I believe that there are no unsolvable problems, because difficult = interesting!
    Favourite construction role: Electrician - energy for everyone!

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Reduce overspend and increase cost certainty by monitoring your workforce’s activity on site whilst tracking your finances, all in real time.
Connecting Construction